Crowd Design: Adult Alice’s Dress (post credits)

Dear Insane Children, 

Here’s a fun Crowd Design for you all to work on… What sort of dress would Alice wear at the end of Asylum? Here’s the scene setup from the Narrative Outline: 



After the credits roll, a secret ending scene plays out.

The scene opens to a beautiful, English countryside home. Green, lush, gorgeous and bright.

Alice Liddell, is smartly tailored and elegantly styled. She is dressed in deep, rich blue attire. Alice walks through the gates of the beautiful estate. She passes by a gorgeous, brand new bronze plaque which reads;

“Liddell’s Home For Wayward Children”

As Alice approaches the grounds, she is swarmed by happy, well-fed, content, healthy children. The downtrodden children from Bumby’s former “support” home are all here too. They have never been happier, and they are ecstatic to see her again.

As the children run through the arches into the entrance of the building, Angela Liddell is waiting for Alice, and meets Alice at the stairs. The little girl is in her Sunday best, and is still clutching onto her plush rabbit.

Alice looks down at Angela, and they both smile warmly.

The little girl asks curiously;


Will we have time for a tea-party today Miss Liddell?



Alice replies with a knowing grin.

Angela excitedly beams back, and then walks on alongside Alice into the building.

Angela drops her rabbit toy to the floor absent-mindedly in her excitement as she skips along.

As Alice and Angela walk away, the rabbit is left lying still and motionless on the floor.

The sound of children and laughter fades.

The rabbit blinks.

Gets to his feet, and runs after his best friends.


Omri provided an initial illustration (main image above) for a dress inspired by one we see Alice’s mom wearing. And he decided to go with a shorter dress design. A fact that’s caused some controversy with our design team. 

Of this design Alex says: 

My initial reaction; I think it makes sense Alice would go for something that looked more like an adventurer, but to me it feels like we’re missing out on a unique opportunity visually, and we’re seeing “more of the same” with this dress.

?It doesn’t look too different from the other dresses already in the game.

?I suppose my reasoning in suggesting a longer, formal dress is that we NEVER see Alice in one. ?Ever in the series. So, it’s a chance to do that.

And I chimed in: 

First, it sorta makes sense that we’d see Alice in a dress that indicates the adventure is over (at least the sort of exploring, fighting, jumping stuff).

BUT we’re also suggesting in this story that her adventure continues – that she uses The Book to search for and destroy the monsters who bought/sold children from Bumby and Radcliffe. So… the adventure isn’t really over. She’s still out there kicking butt.

There’s another angle to consider her… Alice isn’t going to grow up and be an exact copy of her mother. It would make sense that she brings her own twist to the fashion that her mother wore. So the shorter dress would also make sense in that context. She’s a modern lady, etc.

As much as I’d like to see her in a long, formal dress… do we think her character would go in that direction at the end of the story? ?Or that she’d be more of a rebel, a free spirit?

I’m going to say… let her live like this (Omri’s short dress)… at least for now?

I’ll post this to the fans and we can get their feedback as well.

All that being said… the vision of her for the adventures beyond the end of Asylum… she’s going to be a sort of “hunter of bad guys” ?and she’ll need costumes for that job. With that in mind, it would not hurt to see the sort of attire she’d wear to sneak into a formal event. Her version of James Bond in a tux.

But let us know in the comments below what YOU think! What sort of dress design would make the most sense for this last scene of Asylum? 

From Shanghai (STILL in Lock Down!), 


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