Covid Killed the Live Stream (again!)

Dear Insane Children, 

Well. That didn’t go as planned. We thought we were finally going to do a live stream this week and then… 

All sorts of things around the city are shutting down. Lots of our friends are telling us that their employers are telling them “DON’T Come to work these days! (Work from home)!” And a few of our friends are now locked inside High Risk Zones where actual Covid cases have been detected. 

So the risks now greatly outweigh the benefits for either Martin coming out to Fengxian (where I live) or even for me going into JingAn District (where Martin lives – and where I had a meeting scheduled on Friday). 

This sucks. But this is China. They’ve got a strict Zero Covid policy and they just aren’t giving up on it. This is our “New Normal” – and sadly it messes with our ability to get together and stream. 

Now… could we do a livestream where Martin uses ZOOM or something to join in remotely? We could try. But previous experience with that has never been good. We’ll run some tests these days and see if we can find a stable setup. But we won’t be able to sort all that out in time for the stream we had scheduled for tomorrow. 

So… no Live Stream this week. Sorry!

From A Jittery Shanghai, 


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