Art Prints 2022 (Second Half)

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with the results of the poll for the next set of art prints.

As usual, some surprises here as to what did make it and what didn’t.
But there’s got to be winners and losers.

So, here we go…

As you can see in the header image for this post, we have The End of Madness.
This will be the next print for July Patrons charged in August.

And here are the following prints.

August Patrons charged in September
The Final Showdown

September Patrons charged in October
Hero’s Journey

October Patrons charged in November
DOUBLE PRINT MONTH (yes it’s 2 separate prints)

November Patrons charged in December
Black Tea Party

December Patrons charged in January
Just Eat Me

And there you have it.
The Patrons have spoken.

Sorry if your favorite didn’t make it in there.
Maybe it’ll be in as a choice for the first half of 2023?   🙂
Perhaps next time we do this, we can do a ‘pre-call-out’ for people to give suggestions of ones they would like to see before we make the poll.

Big sweaty hugs from 40 degrees Shanghai

– Cheers 

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