Live Stream (let’s try again!) + New Art

Dear Insane Children, 

Another week… another attempt at hosting a live stream! Can we avoid Covid Lockdowns? Will Martin survive the journey south to American’s home? And is there a right way to murder your best-friend-sidekick-rabbit-plush-buddy (even if it’s all just symbolic and imagined)? All these questions (AND MORE!) are answered (maybe) in today’s update!

So… let’s go ahead and set a time in our calendar for a Live Stream this week. 

The usual… 10 AM on Thursday morning for us here in Shanghai. 

Best place to view it will be on my Twitch Channel (for the prizes!) but we’ll try to simulcast to my YouTube Channel as well (no prizes there, sorry). You can find those channels (and all my social links) via Linktree (

[Spoiler/Trigger Warning for Content Below]

There’s an update to that image Omri was working on… the one with Shadow Alice and the Plush Rabbit. I think it’s less triggering than what was shown previously … but some of you are especially sensitive about that kind of thing so you’ve been warned. 

During the Live Stream, we’ll talk about the latest Design Bible Update and all the things that have happened since the last time we did a stream (way back in the time-before the lockdowns). Lots to cover!

The Crowd Design reaction to this image from Omri in which we see Shadow Alice … um… relieving the Plush Rabbit of …. um… his stuffing? Surprising how many of you wanted MORE in terms of blood&guts for this image. Still, lots of you (like me) who really can’t stand to see the sight of blood (and suffering) when animals are involved. So we’re hoping this is a happy medium. I mean… it is pretty effing dark. 

We’ll talk about that too! 

Fingers crossed we can make it work this time. And that I can complete my mission to drive into the city for a meeting related to Asylum development. 

Questions you want addressed during the stream? Leave them in the comments below!

From Shanghai with Whew it’s Not 40c Anymore!


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