Shadows Fall

Dear Insane Children, 

A quick update with a bunch of beautiful art… 

The main image (above) is from Norm and shows Alice in a chaotic Boss Battle with the Card Guard Executioner. Expect the final render of this illustration is going to be amazing!

Up next… Adam (who is now back from vacation) sent along sketches for the interior of the Queen’s Castle.

The art request for these Castle illustrations reads as follows: 

10.1) NEW AREA – INSIDE QUEEN’S CASTLE – Castle Halls / Level Design Scenery

Art Output and ?Briefing:

Explore suspenseful and horror-themed concept art to accompany the Narrative.
?Images of inside the Queen’s Castle. Hallways. Rooms. Dining Halls Etc.

?As many pieces as required or as many as the artist is comfortable to create.
?With mind for spacial puzzles, keys, locks, ideation for gameplay elements.

And lastly… 

Alex is inserting all of this art into the Design Bible. The results are… 


More amazing art coming soon. And… I think we’ll do a Live Stream next week? What do you think? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

From Shanghai with (STILL 40C outside FFS, ARRrrrgg!), 


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