Crowd Design – Radcliffe & Alice Gun Scene

Dear Insane Children, 

Help us pick the best angle for this scene! You have 4 images to choose from. And here’s the description of the scene from Alex: 

Art Task Briefing and Output:
?These scenes show the confrontation taking place between Alice and Radcliffe.
?Once Angela’s appearance is confirmed, render her in the background of these scenes watching the events unfold.

?Key areas to highlight from the narrative are:
?1. ?Scene of Alice confronting Radcliffe. Angela in background. Alice Unfurls the little black book. The Tables turn.

?2. ?Alice confronting Radcliffe. Radcliffe draws a fire-arm and points it at Alice.

Design Notes:
This area takes place in the area that houses the Grandfather Clock and Radcliffe’s Black Book reveal. Follow the scene design from the Slumber/memory scenes prior.

And the images you have to choose from… with the POLL at the bottom!

From Shanghai with “B” is my Favorite,


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