Radcliffe Defeated (but all is well with me & team)

Dear Insane Children, 

Apologies for the radio silence. All is well! And the pre-production team continues to make excellent progress on the Design Bible. 

I meant to post last week but decided to hold off because THIS WEEK we’re trying to do a big Update Post (from Alex) and a Live Stream and to share a bunch of New Art! 

An excellent new image (above) from Joey… depicting the scene wherein Radcliffe is finally defeated. He gets what he deserves! 

SO… don’t fret or worry or anything else. All is well! 

We’re enjoying super beautiful weather in Shanghai these days. This is my favorite time of year here. Kids are laughing and playing outside. There are rumblings of good news from Hollywood (related to various projects in development there). And lots of great progress being made on Alice: Asylum pre-production/pre-development planning and design. 

Expect a big update on all that this week! 

From Shanghai with Sunshine and Smiles, 


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