Iconography Design – Attacks, Weapon Quirks, and Enemy Behaviours

Hi everyone,

Alex here again. If you dived through the spreadsheets in the last post, you may have seen some new iconography designs dotted amongst them.

The icons are graphic visual elements to enhance the data they represent; namely;

• Enemy Attack Behaviors

• Weapon Attacks – Alice’s Primary and Alternate Fire Modes

• Weapon Perks – We’re calling them “Quirks”

I want to use these visuals where I can to give a consistent visual cue whenever a particular game design element is mentioned, either in the DB or in the spreadsheets.

These are early first passes for each icon, and may be slightly reworked if I have the time.

I want to introduce more contrast, maybe some white or another shade of red… but as the project is largely a “work-in-progress” here’s some more of that to share.

Let me know what you think.

Detailed explanations for the information these icons represent are mentioned in the spreadsheets in the other post.

These will appear in the Design Bible (along with a lot more) in the big Halloween update.

Back to it!



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