The Live Stream Train is Coming!

And Dear Insane Children, 

We’re about to run Dr. Bumby over with a Live Stream! Woo woo! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This week’s stream will take place on THURSDAY for those of you in the USA. This is one day later than the normal stream time on Wednesday. Take note! 

And we’re going to have Alex join us via Zoom so we can talk about the most recent Design Bible Update. 

We’ll also discuss a couple of key points: 

1) Progress made thus far and general planning

2) Where we’re currently at in our plan

3) What comes next – 2022 and starting to pitch to investors

If you have questions or comments related to Alice: Asylum, our planning, or our goals, share those below. We’ll address them during the stream. 

And per usual, we’ll share a lot of great new art! 

The format for this week’s stream will be a bit different… 

We’ll start with 30 minutes of Art Review. And then we’ll go straight into production, planning, and Design Bible review (with Alex). 

There won’t be the usual gameplay (AMR). But we’ll still have PRIZES (for those of you joining via Twitch). 

That’s the place to be! 

See you soon! 

From Shanghai with Love, 


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