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Alice: Otherlands (Kickstarter Video Sneak Peak)

Pssst. Want to see something cool?

Check out the video for the “Alice: Otherlands” Kickstarter before the campaign goes live. Depending on approval time, it should go live this week (week of July 15th, 2013).

This new campaign will help support our efforts to secure the film rights to the Alice property. If the campaign is successful we’ll produce animated short films where Alice is seen traveling into the minds of others (hence “Otherlands”).

To see the new video, click HERE.

Akaneiro Kickstarter Campaign

Akaneiro Art by Joey

Just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Akaneiro. We’ve been working on Akaneiro since early 2011 and are nearing our scheduled completion date – looking to launch Open Beta in early January 2013. This campaign is intended to help support expansion on our current development – namely to bring things like tablet support, multiplayer and addition content and features to the game. If we manage to go beyond our initial goal, we’ll also add stretch goals for things like a Linux port.

Any and all support you might lend would be helpful. Even if you cannot contribute financially, you can help us by spreading the word. The more people are aware the better the campaign will do.