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Mysterious Sale


Since its launch in June, Mysterious has sold dozens of fairy tale inspired bags and wallets to people around the world. Happy customers write us to express their reaction to the quality and presentation of our products. Here’s just one example:

The bag itself was just… Wow. I am blown away by the quality. The friends I’ve all shown it to have marveled at it as well. I was hesitant to spend so much on a handbag but as soon as it arrived and I started unboxing it at work, I knew I’d made a fantastic investment. The leather feels absolutely amazing and the lining is every bit as wonderful as it looked in the pictures, if not, better.

One thing I loved about the way it all came together was the mysterious protective bag (The QUALITY of this protective bag, too!) and the big heavy box. I’ve never really been one to purchase high-end leather goods or accessories, but I imagine that if I bought a D&G or Louis Vuitton bag, it would come with similar protection and storage accessories. 10/10.

Inspired by all the positive feedback, Yeni and I have added two new bags to the shop, and have plans for additional bags, wallets, scarves, and umbrellas to be added soon.

Time for a little celebration!

Let’s celebrate Halloween and the addition of these new products with a sale! From October 26th until Midnight on the 31st all items in the Mysterious shop are 10% off.

Use this code at checkout: Halloween10

We’ve added 200 of The Vorpal Purse
We’ve added 100 of The Big Teeth Bag

Get yours before they vanish like a vampire at sunrise!

Master Thief – FREE for Halloween

If you didn’t catch mention of it last time, here’s the news again:
The latest Episode of Grimm, “The Master Thief” isn’t just free for 24 hours – but for several days.
Yep, you can play Episode 9 of Grimm for free between Oct 30th and Nov 1st on GameTap.

And not only is this episode free, but it’s another kind of special: Halloween Special!

So, if you’ve been waiting to dip your toe in the stinky pool that is Grimm, this is a perfect time!

Grimm Halloween

Zombie #1 & #2

Zombie Madness

Grimm loves Halloween! And who can blame him? Vampires, zombies, werewolves, and witches are as wickedly grim as Grimm himself. And what better time of year to celebrate Grimm and his uhh grimness than Halloween?!

In honor of the special occasion we here at Spicy Horse, our friends at GameTap, and Grimm himself have worked together to create a super scary treat for you:

A “Grimm” Halloween Special Episode:
“The Master Thief” (Some call it Episode 9!)

(insert scary “woowoooowooooo” sound inside your head)

What’s so special about this episode of Grimm? Well, let me do like our old friend The Count and “count” the ways:

Ah-1: Not just free for 24 hours like the other episode, but for DAYS (10/30 through 11/1)
Ah-2: Chock full of vampires, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and other scary goodness.
Ah-3: It’s the best “Grimm” episode so far, according to David Craddock over at Big Download.
Ah-4: Ah, there is no 4.

But hey, don’t take my (or David’s) word for it! Head over to GameTap and check it out for yourself.

Here’s the link for GameTap’s Grimm site.
Here’s some fun Halooween art on my flickr account.
Here’s some Satanic Jingle Bells.
And here’s um, some scary stuff.