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Console Dur

Microsoft’s head of Entertainment and Devices Devision recently announced: “Just coming up with something that’s faster and prettier isn’t going to be sufficient,” Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s head of the Entertainment and Devices Division, told the San Jose Mercury News.” To which I say, “Dur.” I’m still waiting for someone smart to help do away with the OLD interfaces and bring in NEW ones… keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers? I/O is a huge limiting factor in what we can do with games. Every time someone improves the I/O interface they’ll create another revolution in games. Where’s my vision implant, cerebral reader, and other bionic interface devices!?

The O to the I

For some time now I’ve been fascinated by the idea that we might one day “jack in” and interface directly with the content on our computers. I feel strongly that by creating alternate realities (and replacing our work day commutes and material item purchases with digital equivalents) we might actually save the world. I think game makers are,without really thinking about it, laying huge amounts of the foundation that will make virtual reality a real-world reality. So when I read “scientists extract images directly from brain” I got really excited. We already have the input – ways of pumping digital info directly into the brain. With this, we can have output. And we’re on our way to a truly interactive VR experience. Cool stuff.