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  • Kinect – Destined to Fail?

    The MS strategy really seems to emphasis constraints – which are all fine and good. But the constraints are in the wrong places – constrain how developers and consumers interface with the platform (as Nintendo did) by releasing a console with motion control as the ONLY input option. The creates a demand for original ideas…

  • Spicy Leads the Way

    This article on Microsoft.com mentions Spicy Horse as a studio “leading the way” in Episodic Games. Cool! Read it here.

  • Console Dur

    Microsoft’s head of Entertainment and Devices Devision recently announced: “Just coming up with something that’s faster and prettier isn’t going to be sufficient,” Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s head of the Entertainment and Devices Division, told the San Jose Mercury News.” To which I say, “Dur.” I’m still waiting for someone smart to help do away with…