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Teargas and Plateglass

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Teargas and Plateglass

While working on the Alice sequel during pre-production I’ve been listening to a wide range of music. NiN and Manson can still evoke a proper degree of harshness and anger. While Vrenna’s original “Alice” soundtrack serves to remind me of the important movements and discoveries in the first game. When writing I try to avoid lyrical music – mainly turning on classical composers like Tcaikovsky and Saint Saens (both of who were debuting new works during the time Alice Liddel was alive).

But one group that has an especially “Alice” tone about them (at least in relation to what I’m thinking about for the new game) is “Teargas and Plateglass”. Aside from the fact that they’re rep’ed by Waxploitation, the same label Chris was on when he created music for Alice, it seems not much is known about this group. From Waxploitation, this bit of “info”:

In many
ways, what’s not known about the band says more about them than what is known. We don’t know who they are or where they come from or where they reside. But we know they are fond of the works of Godfrey Reggio and Sebastaio Salgado, David Sylvian, Jennifer Charles, and David Hykes. We know the last interview the band did was five years ago. What others have said about the band, from time to time, has helped fill in some of the details. The American Film Institute, which exhibited their music videos, called them “a bold experimental vision”. URB says the band “pave the way so the dark side can take its rightful place at the forefront of the genre”. XLR8R described their sound as “darkness mixed thick like a pool of blood” and advised listeners to “take with a stiff glass of Absinthe”. Danger Mouse likened their music to “the end of the world” and King Britt noted that “their music restores my faith that deep, dark music still moves the masses”.

You don’t have to take my (or their) word for it though… because you can download their latest album completely free from Waxploitation’s website. Check it out here: “Black Triage”

And be sure to head over to the official Teargas and Plateglass website. There you can access more of their music and see some really beautiful music videos they’ve created.