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  • American Interview: Chris Vrenna

    Continuing with a series of interviews geared towards support of our ongoing OZombie Kickstarter campaign, I’ve asked musician Chris Vrenna a couple of questions. Chris and I met back in the day, while I was at id Software and he was banging drums for Nine Inch Nails. He was instrumental (pun intended) in establishing the […]

  • Teargas and Plateglass

    While working on the Alice sequel during pre-production I’ve been listening to a wide range of music. And one group that has an especially “Alice” tone about them (at least in relation to what I’m thinking about for the new game) is “Teargas and Plateglass”. You can read more and check out their latest album for free…

  • Exciting Times

    All kinds of new things are happening at the virtual Spicy Horse. Some of you already noticed that the new site has options to eventually purchase Grimm – and you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t clicked through every. single. page. And that is awesome. As a neat little reward, I’d like to show you […]