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Search for Mysterious Models

You can be a Mysterious Model. Share your best modeling image via Instagram and you could win free Mysterious products and help promote our brand.


How to Enter
1. Follow @americanmcgee on Instagram
2. Repost this image on your Instagram feed
3. Tag ONE of your modeling images with #mysteriousmodel

We’ll announce winners via @americanmcgee – Selected models will be provided with free Mysterious products to be featured in future Instagram posts.

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Mysterious Facebook Contest

There are only 65 of the 200 Limited Edition Vorpal Bags remaining. If you’ve not yet got your hands on one, here’s a chance to win a gift certificate for the Mysterious store, which you can use towards acquiring one of your very own!

It’s easy to win… here’s how:

Go to the Mysterious Facebook page and give it a LIKE!

That’s it!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be chosen at random from all those who LIKE the page between August 11th and 18th. Prizes will be $150, $125, and $100 gift certificates for the Mysterious store.

For more details on the Vorpal Bag visit the Mysterious Store!


Mysterious Lulu Contest


The Mysterious Lulu contest over on my Instagram is a way for you to win a $150USD gift certificate which you can use towards the purchase of any item at Mysterious, including the Vorpal Bag.

Only a few days remaining…

Mysterious $150 Giveaway! Here’s how to enter…
1. Follow @americanmcgee on Instagram
2. Repost this picture of Lulu with the Vorpal Bag
3. Tag with #mysteriouslulu

Hurry! Winner will be announced 15th, July 2015
Prize is a $150USD gift certificate for use at the Mysterious Online Shop.

Alice Cos-Play Contest

alice cos-players

Calling all Alice cos-players! This is your once in a lifetime chance to truly be Alice. Spicy Horse Games is making a Kickstarter video for “Alice: Otherlands” and you could be selected to appear as Alice. Interested? Then get out your Vorpal Blade and follow these instructions:

* Send ONLY ONE image of yourself dressed as Alice – preferably in her “classic” blue and white dress.
* Image should capture your entire costume from black hair to boot heels.
* Image should be no larger than 2MB. Save in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
* Send via email to: contact (at) spicyhorse (dot) com
* Include name, age, country of origin, contact info and brief intro of yourself.
* All submissions due by 5/20/2013

* Must be able to travel to Shanghai, China during June 2013 for the video shoot (have a passport, be of legal age to travel, etc).
* Must be English speaking (able to read lines for the video).

Please DO NOT do these things:
* Do not send other requests, applications for other work (art, sound, video, etc) or anything unrelated to this contest! If you aren’t an actual Alice cos-player submitting for this contest, then limit your interaction with it to the comments on this post!
* Don’t post your submission images to my Facebook page or send them to me via Facebook messaging.
* Don’t send suggestions for people you think should win or be in the contest.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in disqualification.

NOTE: This contest DOES NOT mean the “Otherlands” project will definitely happen – we’re still working on deal-making which could stall or fall through altogether.

BigHead BASH Head-Hunter Contest is Here

Today we are announcing a new contest:”The BigHead BASH Head-Hunter Contest”. The goal of this contest is quite simple: over the course of a week starting today, 27th July till 2nd August UTC 8PM, kill as many different players as possible to increase your ‘unique kill’ count. The one with the highest number of ‘unique kills’ in the game will win 500 gold tokens! 2nd and 3rd place players will also get gold tokens.

You can keep track of the daily leaders on the BHB Forum & Facebook

BigHead BASH Head-Hunter Contest

Happy Head-Hunting

Exciting Times

All kinds of new things are happening at the virtual Spicy Horse. Some of you already noticed that the new site has options to eventually purchase Grimm – and you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t clicked through every. single. page. And that is awesome.

As a neat little reward, I’d like to show you a fabulous little gem that our very own Jason Tai has produced for us. This music sample from the game is pretty well indicative of what you can expect in the future.  I’ve heard more of it – it’s hard to say “it gets even better” when so much of it is so awesome.

Also, if you’re on the forum, you already know this, but if you don’t, we’re having a Wallpaper Contest.  The winner gets some really awesome Grimm paraphernalia and is featured on the wallpaper pages for both the Spicy Horse and Grimm sites.  Two runners up will be rotated in one of the remaining spots on that page.  Knowing how creative our fans are, we’re probably going to run contests like this regularly, so even if you miss the May 31st deadline, patient will be a virtue.

By the way, I’m Lilith70, and I’ll be covering the blog periodically when American is massively swamped with things like making games.  Pleased ta meetcha.