Alice Cos-Play Contest

alice cos-players

Calling all Alice cos-players! This is your once in a lifetime chance to truly be Alice. Spicy Horse Games is making a Kickstarter video for “Alice: Otherlands” and you could be selected to appear as Alice. Interested? Then get out your Vorpal Blade and follow these instructions:

* Send ONLY ONE image of yourself dressed as Alice – preferably in her “classic” blue and white dress.
* Image should capture your entire costume from black hair to boot heels.
* Image should be no larger than 2MB. Save in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
* Send via email to: contact (at) spicyhorse (dot) com
* Include name, age, country of origin, contact info and brief intro of yourself.
* All submissions due by 5/20/2013

* Must be able to travel to Shanghai, China during June 2013 for the video shoot (have a passport, be of legal age to travel, etc).
* Must be English speaking (able to read lines for the video).

Please DO NOT do these things:
* Do not send other requests, applications for other work (art, sound, video, etc) or anything unrelated to this contest! If you aren’t an actual Alice cos-player submitting for this contest, then limit your interaction with it to the comments on this post!
* Don’t post your submission images to my Facebook page or send them to me via Facebook messaging.
* Don’t send suggestions for people you think should win or be in the contest.

Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in disqualification.

NOTE: This contest DOES NOT mean the “Otherlands” project will definitely happen – we’re still working on deal-making which could stall or fall through altogether.


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