impressions of shanghai

just a couple of quick shots from the streets of shanghai:


this first group has some alligator claw in a tasty looking sauce. back in texas we used to eat some pretty strange stuff, armadillo, snake, alligator, and even squirrel… so eating an alligator doesn’t seem that strange to me. it’s the “claw” that i don’t get. i mean, if you’re going to eat something, go for a part that has a little meat on it! the next image features a “cute” little couple riding a nuclear missile. nice. but who’s missile are they riding? his or hers? then there’s the dog riding a scooter. not nearly as lethal, but equally cute. finally we have a collection of fighting crickets found in a pet market. i want to buy a couple hundred to guard my house. attack crickets.


ok, this scene was probably my favorite of the entire shanghai trip. we came across a group of people standing in the middle of the street (the street we were trying to drive down). they were all huddled around what looked like a mass of snakes. upon closer inspection we realized they had covered the entire length of the street in fireworks. they struggled for a while to get the first fuse lit. i couldn’t understand why they were being so damn cautious… then the street basically *exploded*.


you can see in these two final fireworks shots what happens when you light a couple hundred pounds of black cats all at once. it basically incinerated everything within 5 feet of the street. the noise was actually so loud that my brain stopped processing it and i could hear only static. finally we have the interior of the peace hotel in shanghai, where i ate lots of yummy dumplings. finally a view from the 87th floor of the tallest building in shanghai.

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  1. nice trip you had there, im seeing into future that you do some project about “chinish” fantasy world after that one.

  2. Hi American. Would you be willing to send me one of those Mao figures in your photos? I really must have one! (wait, i’ll look on ebay first…nope, not there) I’m serious, tell me how much they are and i’ll send you the money, including postage to whatever address you specify (i’m not a stalker, besides you’re in china and i’m way over here in Los Angeles. I liked your game and all but that would be absurd). Did I mention I was serious? I really, really must have. Please?

  3. Looks like you enjoyed Shanghai – CNY is a good time to visit in some ways – you get the fun of fireworks to the nth degree!

    Kelly – if you still want a statue, I can get for you. They’re sold at Dong Tai lu ‘antique market’, which is where Mr Magee took the photo. I know this because the fish and bird market is across the road from there , where they have cricket fights in summer.
    Get me on Lawrence at

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