Grimm Episode 1 – Goes Live


“Look ma, No Hands!”

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Grimm Episode 1 has launched on GameTap!

For me and the team here at Spicy Horse this is a momentous occasion. Everything we’ve worked for and built since starting the studio has gone into the Grimm project – and Episode 1 is the first of many offerings to an audience we hope will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

And so far the response has been great:
Ars Technica says Grimm is “simultaneously goofy, child-like, and completely twisted.”
GamePlasma says “Grimm is an excellent example of a great episodic platform game.”
GamesRadar says “Dirtying the pseudo puppet show world is devilishly satisfying…”

I’ve noticed there’s more than a little confusion about the free/episodic nature of the game, which is a shame because, in addition to the fact Grimm’s a lot of fun, the distribution model is quite awesome. So, let’s clear it up once and for all:

  • First, Episode 1 is FREE now, FREE forever. You can access it using a FREE GameTap account. Free, forever, fun.
  • Next, future Episodes will be FREE for 24 hours – again, using a FREE GameTap account. After 24 hours, you’ll need a paid subscription to GameTap and/or you can purchase a single download of an Episode.
  • Finally, there will be alternate digital distribution channels in the near future. More on that before the next episode.
  • Now, I hope that clears things up. Stayed tuned for more cool new regarding Grimm. And be sure to head over to GameTap next week so you can tune in for “Little Red Riding Hood”. Remember, it’s FREE during the first 24 hours!

    Here’s an episode listing for the first 8 episodes:

    A Boy Learns What Fear Is AVAILABLE NOW!
    Little Red Riding Hood Coming August 7
    The Fisherman and His Wife Coming August 14
    Puss In Boots Coming August 21
    The Girl Without Hands Coming August 28
    Godfather Death Coming September 4
    The Devil and His Three Golden Hairs Coming September 11
    Beauty and the Beast Coming September 18



    5 responses to “Grimm Episode 1 – Goes Live”

    1. Good job, guys – I like the concept, and it plays very nicely. I even had a few good laughs while playing.

      I’d like to see it expand, though – for example, I think multiplayer would be an interesting idea. Some players take the role of cleaning up, and others do the work of Grimm. Not sure how it will work (objectives, etc) but I think it could be cool. This idea is probably not a priority, though – the game still does fine without it.

      More importantly, though – I think I’d like to see more gameplay elements emerge in the later episodes. I’m not sure the game would remain as interesting for 20+ episodes if it remains as it is – mainly walking around and some platforming. I’d still like it regardless, since I appreciate the humor, and I spend time looking at the light/dark transitions, but I feel it could probably be improved further.

      That said, I’m looking forward to the next episode. I’m also crossing my fingers that you’ll release them on Steam, because I already have a huge amount of games on there.

    2. Congratulations on the release, American & La Mah! I’m downloading it at the moment and really looking forward to playing it.

    3. Hello American McGee,
      One of my strange obsessions is with Alice in Wonderland and your Alice is my favorite game of all time. Another one of my obsessions is with the Wizard of Oz. Do you ever think you could manage to do something with that? Just a suggestion. It would be absolutely amazing if you consider it.


    4. Loved ep1, but thought the potty humor was out of place, and I loved Postal2. It’s not that it’s bad, just doesn’t feel right in the game. Seems more of a place for intelligent jokes and puns. Making things dirty also doesn’t seem to fit the “make it more dark” theme. I’ve never equated filth with evil. Maybe I’m just missing the point. Sometimes the writing felt really juvenile, in the technical sense. It feels like the audience is casual, smart, offbeat teens and adults, but the dialog and jokes don’t fit.

      Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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