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  • Grimm Episode 1 – Goes Live

    Grimm Episode 1 has launched on GameTap! For me and the team here at Spicy Horse this is a momentous occasion. Everything we’ve worked for and built since starting the studio has gone into the Grimm project – and Episode 1 is the first of many offerings to an audience we hope will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

  • First Grimm Episode Trailer

    A trailer and a review for Episode 1 of Grimm both available today! The trailer looks cool and the review is extremely positive. Read more…

  • Countdown to Episode 1

    I placed a countdown clock on the site to track the number of days until the release of “Grimm” Episode 1. July 31 2008 EST is the official time set by Gametap. Be sure to check the Gametap Grimm Site for updates in the coming weeks.