Month: September 2008

  • Looking Glass Vet Joins Vyk Games

    A big welcome to another foreigner in the big crazy pond that is China: Looking Glass Vet Joins Vyk Games | Edge Online Tom Sperry, former director at revered (and now defunct) Thief developer Looking Glass Studios, has joined Shanghai, China-based outsourcing firm Vyk Games, the company said Wednesday. — We used Vyk to build…

  • GameTap Merges with Metaboli | Edge Online

    Exciting news for GameTap this morning as they merge with one of France’s leading online game and digital entertainment platforms: GameTap Merges with Metaboli | Edge Online Turner Broadcasting’s U.S.-based games-on-demand service GameTap has merged with European counterpart Metaboli in an effort to create a “global gaming brand,” the companies announced Wednesdsay.

  • Episode 8 – Beauty and the Beast

    Episode 8 of Grimm is released – this time “Beauty and the Beast”! The biggest and coolest episode of Grimm to date. Click on through to read more!

  • Grimm Episode 7 – “Devil Hairs”

    ust like clockwork we released the latest episode of Grimm. And like a broken clock, I neglected to mark the occasion in my usual fashion – with a blog post. Oops.

  • Play With Spider – Flash 3D –

    A cool Flash demo to create a natural spider. Needs more blood, but fun nonetheless: Play With Spider – Flash 3D

  • Grimm Episode 6 – “Godfather Death”

    Be sure to check it “Godfather Death” over on GameTap in the first 24 hours after release, because well, you know, it’s FREE! Seriously, what beats turning nuns into demons for FREE? How about doing all that and then watching them push their own nunnery into a lake of lava? Mmmm… Lava. You can check…