Grimm’s Back! (Almost)


Nice Wolf, Nice Rabies

Whew! It’s been a while since I wrote a post. Was off in Japan, enjoying some trees, checking out Tokyo Game Show, eating lots of awesome food, and working on The Next Big Thing. Back in Shanghai since last weekend – been catching up on Grimm production, a mountain of emails, and the start of TNBT. Speaking of, we had our official pre-production kick-off meeting today! Big day!

But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves! There’s another 16 episodes of Grimm still coming down the pipe. And best of all, these new episodes keep getting better and better. Don’t believe me? Then check out what David Craddock over at Big Download has to say about the next “season” of episodes:

Everything that made Grimm fun has returned, and everything that didn’t appears to have been trimmed away. As someone who often deliberated between yay and nay when it came to Grimm’s first season, I can say with confidence that The Master Thief provides a promising glimpse of what awaits us when Season Two begins later this month.

David goes on to talk about the release schedule for the next series of 8 episodes, which will see Episode 9 “The Master Thief” released on October 30th:

Speaking exclusively to Big Download, publisher GameTap has revealed the full line-up for the next season of developer Spicy Horse’s American McGee’s Grimm. Beginning on October 30, the next season of Grimm features expanded mechanics that allow for a deeper gameplay experience than that of Season One. The title of each new episode, as well as its respective release date, can be found below.

10/30 – The Master Thief
11/06 – The Singing Bone
11/13 – King Midas
11/20 – Cinderella
11/27 – The Golden Goose
12/04 – Iron John
12/11 – The Pied Piper
12/18 – A Christmas Carol

Master Thief is certainly worth a try – we added in a ton of fun content specifically for Halloween. And wouldn’t you know it, Grimm loves Halloween!

I’ve updated the countdown clock on the site so you can keep track of what’s coming and when it’s arrived. As with the first 8 episodes, each new episode is FREE FOR 24 HOURS on GameTap. Set your alarms for October 30th and head over to GameTap for more Grimm fun.

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