Doll Parts Roasting on an Open Fire

Greetings Insane Children! 

I hope you’re all set for a warm and wonderful Christmas and New Year. Myself and Yan have run away from the -3c super humid winter megacity wasteland of Shanghai and will be sailing around Phangn Nga Bay, Thailand enjoying a bit of sunshine and clean air. Not a terrible place to be… 

Meanwhile, work on Asylum continues apace. Joey’s submitted a handful of new images related to Alice’s confrontation with the fire. Sonny is working on a title/logo image which I hope to share soon and Omri is focusing on a photo manipulation of Angelababy as Alice. Fun stuff! 

Here’s the latest from Joey…


I did the concept of Alice on stairs fighting huge doll, also did a quick sketch of some of Alice’s movement.

Oh, we have a bloody Alice in Madness Returns as her most special outfit when her health is low, I did us here an Alice on Fire, this outfit could also be a special one she uses in some unique situation. Her hair doesn’t have to be straight as shown in the image, but I do like them to be glowing bright.

So, shall I work on the concept of Alice flying in the hole? Or you want me to work on sth. else? Shall I work on this area or shall I move on to another phase of emotion?



These images are fantastic. Really love them! 

How about working on one of the other stages of grief? You could do depression or acceptance? For depression… perhaps a level where it’s always raining, foggy, and dark? It could be a mixture of London, the Asylum, some park or forest where Alice played with her family as a child, and parts of Wonderland – all mixed together. These are places where there were happy memories but now those memories only cause her pain. So it’s like places which were bright and sunny and happy… but now they are cold and dark and rainy. 

Because depression can really cause a person to fall down and get stuck… maybe this area could be ruled by some sort of shadow… Alice has to sneak around and avoid being caught by some “dark beam” of anti-light. If she gets caught in the shadow then she will be lost to the darkness. Powerless, sinking into some deep dark place, and then have to climb out again… It could be like every time that beam hits her a pit opens in the ground under her feet and swallows her… then she has to climb out again. 

This level could be very lacking in color – lots of purple, brown, grey, black, and white… 

What do you think? 



PS: A bit of housekeeping… The Chaos Necklaces are being manufactured as we speak. We’ve also got hands-on very nice boxes in which to ship them. And I’m working on a collector card to complete the set. Expect those to ship out in January. 

The art print for Patrons which should have gone out in December has been printed but not yet shipped. I’ll probably bundle that together with the January print (for those of you on the monthly art feed). Apologies for the delay – I was just swamped in December with travel, Mysterious business, meetings, etc. Will catch up in 2018!

I’ll also take a look at adjusting the $50/$100 tiers next month as was mentioned in a previous update. 

As always, please share your feedback and comments below. We’ll address all that during the next live stream (first week of 2018). 

From Thailand with Love, 


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