Chaos Coin Survey Monkey Q&A

Hi Everyone

Martin here with a little FAQ about the Coin survey we sent out yesterday.
Just a couple of questions and clarifications.

1) Where’s my Survey?
Well, have you checked your inbox? Also try having a look in your spam folder before messaging us.  Also make sure you’re actually in the Chaos Coin gang before asking us where your survey is.

2) Can I use Latin for the message?
Actually we did get this question a couple of times.  And now we had a chat about it here, the answer is no. Sorry.  Please keep all messages in English and use English characters when writing your name too.

3) Can I use a quote from (insert celebrity/book/movie/poem/song here)?
I wish we could have clarified this much earlier.
Please use an original message of your own creation or only use quotes from stuff that’s in the public domain. (FYI, Alice IS in the public domain)

We’d really like to avoid potential suing and litigation  🙁
By the way, if there is a legal superman in our Patron list who knows all about the fair use and/or not of quotes and such, please PM us  🙂

4) Can I edit my pledge now I’ve completed the survey?
Yes, go ahead.  But please be aware that 3x$35 gets you an art print of your choosing  🙂
(Also you cannot mix and match tiers, e.g.. 2x$35 + 1x$75)

5) How can I edit my survey after I already filled it in?
Just use the link you already have.  You can edit for years with that same link.

– Cheers

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