White Rabbit Version 0.1

Dear Insane Children, 

FINALLY! We received the first physical sample of a plush based on our drawing. To refresh your memories, here’s (one of) the concept images we were working with…

We have two other groups working on samples right now and should take delivery of those within 10~15 days. The recent holidays really messed with this process!

A couple of thoughts… 

First off, it’s always a strange feeling to hold in your hands a physical creation based on an illustration. Coming from games, I’m still not used to watching something digital (art) transform into something physical – coins, cards, books, and toys… but holding this little guy is a great feeling. No wonder Alice didn’t want to let him go!

The thing that feels most out of place is his nose. It’s molded plastic and doesn’t fit with the era from which this toy would originate. My expectation was that the nose would be made up from stitching – so we’ll have to communicate that next time. 

Proportions, weight, and size are all good. You’ll love holding this little guy!

We need to think about how clean he is… is that alright? If not, how do we pre-grunge them? I kinda like it clean – and then let people decide how grungy to make him based on their intended use. 

Lulu is *insane* about him and wants to chew him. Perhaps we could just dump box-loads into the yard and let Lulu run around and maul them into the dirt for a while. That would probably achieve the required effect. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

We’ll do a live review during tomorrow’s live stream. 

LIVE STREAM tomorrow. CHRIS VRENNA will join us. DON’T MISS IT!

And be sure to leave your QUESTIONS for Chris in the comments below! 

From Shanghai with Rabbit-Eating-Lulu,


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