Halloween is Here! Two Spooky Art Prints!

Dear Insane Children, 

Our favorite month is here! It’s Halloween! Woowooowowowoooo!

Among all the spooky things we love about Halloween there’s a special tradition here in The Asylum… 2 for 1 Art Print Month! Yay!

How’s it work? Glad you asked! 

Everyone at $75 for the month of October will recieve two pre-selected art prints. Those are “Hallowed Alice” (the main image above) and “Cheshire Grin” (shown below). 

Font Lord has asked me to pass along a couple of Rules and Restrictions. Those are as follows: 

  • Pledge $75 for October 2019 (pledge now; processed on or around November 5th). 
  • If this is your first month at $75 you’ll also receive a Chaos Necklace (you can choose small or large size – survey sent later). 
  • This offer is NOT available at the 3/$35 level.
  • But if you’re doing 3/$35 it’s important to note you can jump in and out of that tier. You DO NOT have to have 3 consecutive months. 
  • You can select these prints later with 3/$35 but you’ll select the prints individually, not as a set. If you want the set you’ll have to do that via this offer.

Spooky Crowd Design

We’ll host a Crowd Design session over on our Discord Server tomorrow at 10AM Hong Kong Time – that’s 7PM PST (Los Angeles, etc). 

During this session, we’ll take a look at your suggestions over on the Asylum Wiki

In keeping with the spooky theme let’s take a look at Enemy Suggestions!

Need more info on our Discord Server and how to join it? 

There’s a FAQ POST for that. 

Cheshire Kitten Followup

Lots of Insane Children around the world receiving their Cheshire Kitten Collector Sets and sharing their excitement on social media. Here’s Insane Child mooncrisismakeup over on Instagram with some excellent images… 

If you have any questions or problems with your Cheshire Kitten Set please be sure to PM US. If that’s too much of a bother then try emailing us: 

support (at) mysterious (dot) design

A few Insane Children have written to ask about the Chesh’s Tail… 

Please note that we intentionally left the rough edge down the tail in order to simulate the “boney” feel of his tail. I thought we discussed this in one of the design updates or livestreams? Anyway, he’s supposed to have a gnarly tail! 🙂 

Now… if you get a kitten with an arm sewn on backward or other sorts of “birth defects” – then you can write to us for a replacement. 

Want to share your Cheshire Kitten on social media for us to see? Be sure to include hashtag #cheshirekitten and/or #americanmcgee – We’ll check those out on the next live stream!

Maps of Meaning

Lots of new art coming in! Will post more of that tomorrow along with links to this week’s live stream on YouTube. 

Got comments and suggestions you want discussed during the stream? 

Leave them in the comments below!

From Shanghai with a Scruffy Tail,


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