The Lucky 5 (Nov) and (Dec)

Dear Insane Children

Font Lord here with the last Lucky 5 of 2020.
Wheeee !!

Actually, this is the Lucky 10 since due to insane busy-ness, last month’s lucky 5 didn’t get done.
Sorry about that.

So as you know, we use the powah of Google’s RNG feature to pick the lucky ones from our list of Patrons + the last YouTube video’s comments in order to keep things all above board   😉

This time the prizes will be…
5x mini Throne Room prints
5x 2021 Calendars
And we’ll be assigning them randomly to the following people.

The winners are…

* Allison Cooper
* Gishpane
* Sophie Antoni
* James Manley-Buser
* Katharina Antonietti
* Tatjana Schulten
* Layna Pajak
* Rain Patterson Owens
* Gedalia Santamaria
* Marisa Batchelor

Congrats to the winners   🙂
We’ll get your stuff out as soon as we can, but shipping is pretty chaotic out there currently, it might take a little while to arrive. Sorry!


This week we are going to do a live-stream on Wednesday.
So please be aware of that and don’t turn up to Twitch a day late and be all upset that we’re not there.

So that’ll be 10am Shanghai time, Dec 30th.

Los Angeles = 6pm Dec 29th
New York = 9pm Dec 29th
London = 2am Dec 30th
Sydney = 1pm Dec 30th

Hope to see you there for the usual, chat, fun, discussion and MORE PRIZES    😀

Finally, as you know by now, no Lucky 5 post is complete without a Lulu.
Here you go.

– Cheers

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