Crowd Design: Radcliffe’s Demons

Dear Insane Children, 

Here’s a fun Crowd Design task for everyone: 

Help us define and design the demons that lurk inside the mind of an evil lawyer. Is “evil lawyer” redundant? Haha. Everyone loves to hate on lawyers… so this one should be easy! 

From the Design Brief: 

44.2) Enemy Design Tasks – Otherlands Enemy Designs – Page 165 (v2.1)

Art Task Briefing and Output:

?Render, explore and create as many end-game enemies as required that fit Radcliffe’s Otherland.

Can be rendered to represent twisted versions of Radcliffe, or horrible portions of his Psyche.
Manifestations of his own defense mechanisms and personal demons against Alice.

Answer the question; what is inside of Radcliffe’s head, and how would he fight back against Alice here?


??Narrative Excerpt:



The walls of the room blow apart as Radcliffe and Alice tumble into a spiraling Abyss.

Alice floats with the elegance of a ballerina.

Radcliffe is crying and screaming out, a tumbling, blubbering mess, memories of vile deeds he has committed fly past and into his eyes. Horrible manifestations of insatiable greed, envy, and wrath swiftly devour, bite and chew at his body as he falls. Spiraling and tumbling into the void, the man cannot fathom or process his own darkness.

We PLAY as Alice runs through Radcliffe’s Otherland. She battles past hoards of his inner demons towards the seat of his consciousness. The world is a place of books and ledgers. Words and documents flutter through the sky overhead. The mind of a man whose internal world is propped up by twisted logic and the smugness of an expert in legal warfare. But his way with words is no match against Alice’s blade and cunning.

She reaches his center of logic and throws her Vorpal Blade into the works. In an instant, the edifice of his self-image is destroyed and the reality of his cruelty unleashed. The monster within is freed from its cage and allowed to run rampant throughout his mind-destroying everything it touches.

He has no light within. His darkness eats him alive. He is broken and lost.

Truly a monster within a monster.

Alice exits Radcliffe’s Otherland. Leaving him to be consumed from within by his own demons.


And just to give you some idea of what we’re going for here… 

This was a unique monster design Joey did a while back. We need stuff like this… but in a theme more fitting to Radcliffe’s mind. 

Let us know what you come up with! 

PS: I am still waiting on news regarding the news that I’m hoping gets announced soon. I was told to expect it late last week or early this week. And I also hope that we can do a special Live Stream around that topic once the news is announced. Now… I guess there’s a chance these guys might email and say, “It’s not happening before Christmas” … in which case, boo. But also, that probably means there won’t be a Live Stream this week. Let’s wait and see though… I’ll keep you updated!

I hope everyone is preparing for a warm and happy holiday. 

From Shanghai with Love, 


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