Twas The Night Before Christmas

Dear Insane Children, 

It’s Christmas Eve in Shanghai and all through the house… Lucky is running like a crazy little mouse. Christmas music is playing. There’s a star atop the tree. And there’s even a remote control dump truck waiting for Lucky to open tomorrow morning. Yay! 

I hope that you are warm and happy wherever you are – and whatever you might or might not be celebrating these days. 

One sad bit of news… I had hoped we’d share a cool announcement with you in time for Christmas. But I’ve been told that the press release is on hold until the start of 2022. Sorry about that! And for getting anyone’s hopes up (I know my hopes were up). 

Still… when the news comes, I know everyone will be happy about it and will feel it was worth the wait. 

That being said… I still come with gifts of new art! So fret not!

First up… the main image (above) is from Adam – a final render of “Torture” 

The scene description reads: 

The scene dissolves back to Alice’s audience with the Caterpillar.


That monster from the mirror is… me?


Only a part of you. The monster lives within us all, Alice. But only a few can face it, much less embrace it.

Remove the mask, Alice. See the truth in who you are. See who you become. There is a darkness in you, in us all, that must be faced…

The world morphs again, and Alice is in Rutledge Asylum. A flurry of brutal cutscenes play as Alice is beaten, cut, starved, and slammed into the floor and walls of her cell. As her ears ring, we see Alice erupt in a vicious HYSTERIA. Her eyes turn pitch black. The scene zooms into the darkened depths of Alice’s eyes as circus music invades…

?<Scene Ends>

And woo, that’s a great illustration. Love it!

Joey also dropped an updated version of a scene from the opening of the game… where Alice enters her family home and finds the family celebrating around a tentacle cake. Yikes.!

That’s a yummy-looking cake, huh? 

Last up, Gareth is working on storyboarding some critical scenes from the Narrative Outline…

These panels depict a section of the story where The Knave gets torn to bits by Shadow Alice. Nothing says “Christmas” like your inner shadow tearing apart an Insane Child! 

From Shanghai with Holiday Warmth, 


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