Art Prints 2022 (First Half)

Dear Insane Children,

Font Lord here with the results of the poll to what the next 6 art prints should be.
As is normal, these choices are so hard due to all the amazing art getting made, but such is the nature of a poll.
There are winners and losers.

There’s also some extra into at the end of this list, so be sure to read to the end.


Above, you see the header image for this post is Alice and the Snail.
This will be the next print for January Patrons charged in February.

And here are the 5 months after that.

February Patrons, charged in March
Burning Birthday

March Patrons, charged in April
Jabberwock Battle

April Patrons, charged in May
Chess Confrontation

May Patrons, charged in June  
Shadow Reflection

June Patrons, charged in July  
The Chaosma 

Now the keen eyed among you will notice that “G” was actually one of the winners but is not on this list.
This is because it actually goes together with “C”, bookending part of the story, and we are going to use this duo as our usual “October Double Print Month”, so do not fret. G IS COMING!!



We did this about 18 months ago, but we wanted to put the call out for people to give us Trust Pilot reviews.

Trust Pilot is a site where people can go and check up on the trustworthiness of websites before they decide to spend their hard-earned cash there.

Recently we have started seeing a bunch of 1-star reviews coming from people who (in fairness) have been waiting a while for their items to arrive, but also don’t seem to have the ability to read the warning/guarantees/FAQ we have on our site or reach out to us at our incredibly easy to find support channel. So we’re looking to offset those negative reviews a little.

TO BE CLEAR, we are not asking you to go and bump us up with fake 5-star reviews.
We would just like it if people went over and were honest about the experience they’ve had when purchasing from Mysterious and the contact they had with us/support and also the items you received.

If you think we’re 5 star, then great, if you think we’re less, then that’s fine too!
Thanks in advance   🙂

– Big hugs from a chilly ole Shanghai.

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