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  • Game site is running a lengthy interview with yours truly where I answer questions about Grimm, how to turn fairy tales into video games, making weekly episodic content, and the future. Click on through to read more!

  • Grimm Episode 13 – The Golden Goose

    Gobble, gobble! It’s time for the Golden Goose – and not just the one on you featured on your typical American Thanksgiving dinner table. Grimm’s got some Goose action to share too! But I’ll let you try first – something tells me a goose cooked by Grimm might not be the thing to get your…

  • Grimm Episode 12 – “Cinderella”

    Grimm’s back! This week he’s adding his dark touch to the uber-classic “Cinderella”. This was actually one of the first episodes we built for Grimm – but because it was so early, it turned out really rough. So we completely scrapped the original design, rebuilt the entire thing, and pushed the release date to NOW.

  • Grimm on Direct2Drive

    If you’ve been looking for an alternative method of downloading episodes of Grimm, your options just increased! Announcing Grimm on Direct2Drive.

  • Grimm Episode 11 – King Midas

    This week brings us one of my favorite Episodes from Grimm – “King Midas”. In this tale Grimm visits a classic Greek myth and the world it inhabits. We meet Gods, Kings, and Fools. And best of all – Grimm’s dark power takes on a special “shine”.

  • Grimm Episode 10 “The Singing Bone”

    Another week, another Grimm episode released. This week it’s Episode 10 – “The Singing Bone”. As usual, you can check out this grim and fun romp through another famous fairy tale for FREE on GameTap at