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  • Foreign Games in China

    Great article over on the Escapist by Greg Pilarowski covering the topic of foreign game companies trying to do business in China. Greg focuses his attention on the recent Blizzard/WoW fiasco and provides some insight into the tangled mess that is Chinese law. Read it here. Greg is Spicy Horse’s (excellent) legal counsel in Shanghai […]

  • Slowly Disconnected

    Here in China we’re being slowly disconnected from the outside world. Flickr, Twitter, multiple blog sites, and other news/social networks are being disconnected from our “feed”. The outside world is fading into the distance. Why? Because the anniversary of this: The Tiananmen Square Protests I presume they’ll re-connect everything after the “danger” of social outcry […]

  • Online Gaming in China

    US-China Today has an interesting article discussing online gaming in China.

  • Spicy Leads the Way

    This article on Microsoft.com mentions Spicy Horse as a studio “leading the way” in Episodic Games. Cool! Read it here.

  • Shanda Talk Investment Strategy

    A quick but interesting link to some insight coming out of Shanda at the Game Business Law Summit in Dallas: Speaking on a panel about games in Asia during the Game Business Law summit at SMU in Dallas, Shanda’s deputy general counsel, Jerry Zhang, discussed three keys that his company uses to invest in the […]

  • China Game Boom

    China’s online games market has “entered a boom period.” The report, China Online and Mobile Gaming Industry, 2008 – 2010, states that sales from online game operators totaled RMB 10.57 billion ($1.55 billion) in 2007, and that figure is expected to reach RMB 12.67 billion ($1.86 billion) in 2008 and RMB 18.21 billion ($2.67 billion) in 2010.