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  • American in China

    The Spicy Horse Logo Brian Ashcroft from Kotaku has presented a really great interview with me and a few others from Spicy Horse. It details the history of my move to China, the formation of Spicy Horse, and our vision of the future of games in China. From the article, It was 2007, and China […]

  • First Flights, China Style

    First flights over Fuyang, China Yesterday, after several weeks of theory and ground handling practice, I took my first paragliding flights. Soaring over the farmlands of Fuyang, China was beautiful and thrilling. In total I had 5 flights in 1 day. Flying and landing I handled pretty well. Takeoffs still need practice – going in […]

  • BaiJiu Racer Concept Announcement

    Announcing “BaiJiu Racer” – An MMO-lite racing game concept with China as the core theme. The concept as been in focused development for the past three months here at Spicy Horse. Working with our Chinese publishing partner ICEE we’ve developed a solid Game Design Document, Technical Design Document, Art Bible, Visual Target Demo, and Development Plan. Now we’re looking for a Western Publishing Partner.

  • Looking Glass Vet Joins Vyk Games

    A big welcome to another foreigner in the big crazy pond that is China: Looking Glass Vet Joins Vyk Games | Edge Online Tom Sperry, former director at revered (and now defunct) Thief developer Looking Glass Studios, has joined Shanghai, China-based outsourcing firm Vyk Games, the company said Wednesday. — We used Vyk to build […]

  • Crytek in China?

    I read on the Game Daily News this morning: Developer Crytek , the studio behind Crysis and the CryEngine middleware, sent word today that they will be showing CryEngine 2 in China for the first time, at this year’s ChinaJoy gaming convention in Shanghai, which runs from July 17 -19. Sounds like selling bikinis to Eskimos. Might work in 50 years when global warming has turned the arctic circle into the new Bahamas. But today?

  • Chinese Gaming Boom

    China is a fun place to be a gamer. If you aren’t buying 360 games on the street for 10RMB, you’re downloading them from P2P and sharing them with your buddies at work. We had to put a stop to that latter practice at the Spicy Horse offices – we found some of our guys […]