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  • The Perils of being a Zombie

    How easy is it to manipulate and control people? What kind of power do officials, experts and authority figures have over our thoughts and actions? These questions are more relevant than ever but we’re being systematically conditioned to never ask them in the first place. These are questions that go to the root of power […]

  • Zombies, What’re They Good For?!

    There’s been a fair amount of commentary on the idea of “zombies” in OZombie. The title is pretty in-your-face about the whole “zombie” thing, but as I’ve detailed on the Kickstarter page, in recent updates and in interviews, these are not your typical, shamble of the mill, brain-eating zombies. In this instance we’re applying one […]

  • Traffic Bump

    Last week we tried something new in pitching a game concept in a public forum, via my blog. The motivation was simple: Reach as many potential publishers and end-users as possible without having to leave my office in Shanghai. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of reaction, but I have to say any expectation I had was blown away…