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  • 2022 in Review, 2023 In Our Sights – Alice: Asylum Pre-Production

    Hi everyone,Alex here wishing you all the best wherever you are in the world. Heads up. This is the longest post we’ve ever created.With so much to cover across the movement in the Alice project, this will be highly detailed. Lots of written updates concerning recent meetings, lots of new artwork, as well as new […]

  • Christmas in China (and everyone’s getting Covid)

    Dear Insane Children,  Apologies for the recent radio silence. Things have been… interesting… here.  China finally dropped its Zero Covid policies. And they did it in full Leroy Jenkins style. Kinda crazy… one day, we’re all lining up to do testing; using QR codes to enter buildings; living in constant fear of being thrown in […]

  • Design Bible Live Stream w/ Alex (2nd attempt)

    Dear Insane Children,  We’re going to TRY AGAIN! A Live Stream! With Alex! On Twitch (and YouTube)! During this stream, we’re going to do a deep dive into the Design Bible with Alex there to help guide our way. We’ll talk about all the progress made on pre-production. And what we have in store for […]

  • Last Week’s Livestream

    Dear Insane Children,  I’ve linked the video from last week’s live stream to the top of this post. If you’ve not seen it… this is your chance! We got off to a bumpy start – couldn’t get sound from Alex’s mic to work properly. So we had to drop Alex, restart, and patch together a […]

  • The Live Stream Train is Coming!

    And Dear Insane Children,  We’re about to run Dr. Bumby over with a Live Stream! Woo woo!  IMPORTANT NOTE: This week’s stream will take place on THURSDAY for those of you in the USA. This is one day later than the normal stream time on Wednesday. Take note!  And we’re going to have Alex join […]

  • No Live Stream This Week (YES, NEXT WEEK)

    Dear Insane Children,  Just checking in really quick to let you know that there won’t be a … well, I mean you can read the headline. Heh.  But we WILL HAVE a Live Stream next week. And I’m hoping we can get Alex on there via Zoom. That way, we can talk in depth about […]