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  • Halloween Design Bible Update – New PDF Download + New Artwork

    Posting this 3 days early for our Insane Children. The rest of the world can open it on Halloween! Happy Halloween, Insane Children!  -American Hi everyone,Wishing you all the spookiest Halloween! Alex here with another big update on all movement on the Alice pre-production project. Lots to get through in this one, heavy spoilers inbound. Let’s go! […]

  • 2022’s Double Print Reminder

    Dear Insane Children, Font Lord here with your reminder that the next print we’re doing (October Patrons charged in November) is a fantastic double-print as we do every year at this time. Yay! The header image of this post shows the prints in all their glory.I don’t think they have names yet though, I’ll have […]

  • Inferno & Hysteria Special State Outlines v1

    Hi all, Alex here with some updates on special state outlines as we flesh out the Design Bible. Here is our first take on building out the special states for Alice: Asylum. The first is; Inferno (a brand new special state) and the second expands on Hysteria (from Madness Returns).  The approach is that each […]

  • Iconography Design – Attacks, Weapon Quirks, and Enemy Behaviours

    Hi everyone, Alex here again. If you dived through the spreadsheets in the last post, you may have seen some new iconography designs dotted amongst them. The icons are graphic visual elements to enhance the data they represent; namely; • Enemy Attack Behaviors • Weapon Attacks – Alice’s Primary and Alternate Fire Modes • Weapon Perks […]

  • Live Stream? YES! Today!

    Dear Insane Children,  Just a quick reminder there WILL BE a Live Stream this morning. Martin is in the house, the live stream computer is up and running, and all systems are GO!  So, please join us over on my Twitch Channel… You can also tune in via YouTube (probably) but note that you […]

  • Alice: Asylum Game Design Overview & Data Spreadsheets / Huge Update!

    Dear Insane Children, There WILL BE a Live Stream this week at the usual time.  Thursday at 10AM for us here in Shanghai. 7PM if you’re on the West Coast of the US. And we’ll be discussing the content in this post…  This is a BIG text-based post. Here’s TL:DR version; The first pass on […]