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An American Interview

Three Firecracking Amigos


Long-time press friend John Gaudiosi has presented a nice interview with me over on geek.com. In it we discuss Grimm, the new Alice game, and making games in China.

A bit from the article:
What’s the game talent like there and what do they bring to the table?

There’s a lot of existing talent and more being trained at the schools every year. We’re seeing the edge of the boom here in Shanghai. Studios cutting their teeth on next gen online experiences for PC, others now in their second or third generation of development on 360 and PS3. Overall, there’s a tremendous amount of passion and dedication combined with serious production skills and a wonderful work ethic.

Read the full article HERE.

American in China

Spicy Horse Logo

The Spicy Horse Logo

Brian Ashcroft from Kotaku has presented a really great interview with me and a few others from Spicy Horse. It details the history of my move to China, the formation of Spicy Horse, and our vision of the future of games in China. From the article,

It was 2007, and China was buzzing — with optimism and energy. “Chinese contemporary society is like a whirlwind,” says McGee’s business partner and art director, Ken Wong. “It seems to have changed in 10 years as much as America has in the past 40.” McGee and Wong, started boutique studio dubbed “Spicy Horse” or “Ma La Ma” in Chinese. Initially, they worked out of their homes on an island off the Hong Kong coast. “We moved into some really low-rent warehouse space in Shanghai upon our initial landing in the mainland,” says McGee. “From there we moved a few more times, ever growing the company, taking on more people, and evolving the culture.”

Be sure to check out the full article.

Many thanks to Brian for crafting such a cool article. And thanks to Kotaku readers for supporting interesting interviews like this 🙂

Word Burn

Burn baby, burn!

Stimulus.com is running a lengthy interview with yours truly where I answer questions about Grimm, how to turn fairy tales into video games, making weekly episodic content, and the future. Here’s a little chunk:

Was there anything you thought was going to be a good idea, and finally decided to remove it?

Lots of things actually. One major feature we planned from the start was the idea of “words as weapons”. In using this concept the Player would run up to an object inside the game, hit a key to convert that object into a word, then carry the word around for use in another location. So you could walk up to a sheep, convert it into the word “sheep”, then carry that to a pit filled with wolves and toss “sheep” into the void. Upon hitting the ground it would convert back into the original object, and you’d have a diversionary sheep. We also envisioned combining words, so you might have a “flaming sheep” by collecting “fire” and “sheep” and combining them together.

I always liked the “words as weapons” concept. We were using it for everything from power ups to weapons and abilities. But ultimately, it didn’t work out. Meh. Maybe some day we’ll return to the concept in another game (Grimm 2 anyone?) and figure out how to make it fun. Until then, enjoy the Stimulus interview.

And don’t forget – Stimulus is a digital download site where you can purchase standalone episodes of Grimm, or entire episode bundles. Head over today and check out what Grimm has in store for you!

2404 – Grimm Interview


Fans of Grimm?

Recently I did an interview with Gareth Von Kallenbach over at “2404 – PC Gaming”. We talked about Grimm’s game play, challenges faced during development, and the episodic model production and distribution model. Here’s an excerpt:

1. What is the background and setting for the Grimm and how is it similar and different from Alice?

The backgrounds and settings in Grimm vary from episode to episode. Each new episode is based on a different fairy tale – presented by the main character “Grimm”. In every episode he presents a puppet theater of the current-day “light” version of the tale. He then invites you to help him return the tale to a form closer to the original – darker, meaner, and more informative. When finished he presents the “fixed” version in another puppet theater.

You can read the full interview over on 2404.

So far it seems that wherever he goes Grimm is finding fans. The preview response to Episode 1 was positive across the board. Of course Kotaku hasn’t seen it yet – God knows what sort of punishment they’ll dish out! A little over 30 days before Episode 1 goes lives. Stay tuned for more previews, interviews, and interesting bits of content in the coming weeks.