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  • American Interview: inXile’s Brian Fargo

    While we’re running a Kickstarter campaign for OZombie I’ll be interviewing others who have had experience on the platform. Today, I’m starting with Brian Fargo, leader of InExile, the developers behind Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera.

  • OZombie Kickstarter Launch

    After several months of planning, negotiating and teasing we’ve announced our next Kickstarter campaign and it’s OZombie.

  • You Can’t Escape

    A recent Reddit post of mine ignited a firestorm of press coverage from the game media. It attracted a few pissed messages from EA. Some readers have even suggested this has killed any possibility of my ever being employed by a game publisher again.

  • Akaneiro Kickstarter Campaign

    Just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Akaneiro.