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Grimm Sites Go Live

Grimm Wallpaper 1600x1200

“Grimm, not just for breakfast anymore.”

Two awesome websites go live today: The Official GameTap “American McGee’s Grimm” site, and the Spicy Horse Games’ “Grimm” site. Both websites feature schedules for upcoming episodes, download-able content, and information on how to purchase the game. These websites will update weekly, keeping track of weekly episode releases, community events, and more.

Gamasutra Talks to Rick Sanchez

The Cow Grinder

Mmmm… burgers…

Gamasutra has a great line in their description of Grimm, and it’s one I wish I’d written myself (it’s so cute):

“… In between those tellings is an unexpectedly gameplay-driven experience that is reminiscent of Katamari Damacy in its dynamic – except, instead of rolling a ball around, you are (apparently) peeing on things and filling the world with filth. In an adorable sort of way.”

That’s really what it comes down to, isn’t it? As warped and twisted and disturbing as we’re getting with each story, it’s all in “an adorable sort of way”. I’m not sure if that’s more or less disturbing…

2404 – Grimm Interview


Fans of Grimm?

Recently I did an interview with Gareth Von Kallenbach over at “2404 – PC Gaming”. We talked about Grimm’s game play, challenges faced during development, and the episodic model production and distribution model. Here’s an excerpt:

1. What is the background and setting for the Grimm and how is it similar and different from Alice?

The backgrounds and settings in Grimm vary from episode to episode. Each new episode is based on a different fairy tale – presented by the main character “Grimm”. In every episode he presents a puppet theater of the current-day “light” version of the tale. He then invites you to help him return the tale to a form closer to the original – darker, meaner, and more informative. When finished he presents the “fixed” version in another puppet theater.

You can read the full interview over on 2404.

So far it seems that wherever he goes Grimm is finding fans. The preview response to Episode 1 was positive across the board. Of course Kotaku hasn’t seen it yet – God knows what sort of punishment they’ll dish out! A little over 30 days before Episode 1 goes lives. Stay tuned for more previews, interviews, and interesting bits of content in the coming weeks.

GameInformer Grimm Preview, Q&A

Red Riding Hood - Graveyard

Screenshot from Red Riding Hood

Jeff Cork over at GameInformer has a nice preview of Grimm along with a quick Q&A session where myself and Ken Wong answer a few questions. A preview of the preview article:

Playing as a horrible little dwarf named Grimm, players run around a fairy-tale land and ruin everything in their wake. Wherever Grimm goes, plants die, buildings crumble and horrible things happen to children. (It’s going for a solid M, despite the candy-coated visuals.) The game was first described to us as being like Katamari Damacy in a sitcom format. After playing through the first episode, that description actually made sense. As he runs around areas, Grimm is blocked by gates. To open those gates, he has to create a specific amount of nastiness around him. As he essentially repaints levels by walking past things, the meter increases, eventually to the point where he can pass those pesky gates.

This morning I woke to find my inbox filled with the news of several very positive previews. It seems that across the gaming media Episode 1 is being played and receiving a warm response. I’ll admit, before I started reading these previews I was afraid the world might not accept this grumpy dwarf known as “Grimm” or his unique style of “make stuff dark” game play. I’m happy to see that my worries were unfounded. At least with the preview writers.

Next up: You, the audience!

Click here for GameInformer Preview
Click here for Ars Technica Preview

Exclusive Grimm Trailer/Intro at IGN

Meat Box

The Meat Box!

IGN is hosting a bunch of cool new Grimm content: videos, images, and screenshots!

In the videos you can see the latest Grimm trailer and the intro cinematic that starts each new episode. The intro cinematic has a great little song to go along with it, sung by Grimm himself. And the new trailer contains some fun in-game footage which highlights some of the darkly humorous blood and gore you can expect in each episode.

Be sure to check out all the cool new content! And expect more big updates in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of Episode 1 on GameTap. main page
Grimm videos on IGN
Grimm images on IGN