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  • Grimm Episode 15 – The Pied Piper

    Grimm episodes just keep on coming! You might ask yourself, “How do they do it!? How can they release week after week of awesome, original, episodic content?” Because we’re a machine my friend. A machine. Oh wait, that was last week when “Iron John” was on offer. This week it’s… let’s see… rats!

  • Grimm’s Back! (Almost)

    Everything that made Grimm fun has returned, and everything that didn’t appears to have been trimmed away. As someone who often deliberated between yay and nay when it came to Grimm’s first season, I can say with confidence that The Master Thief provides a promising glimpse of what awaits us when Season Two begins later this month.

  • GameTap Merges with Metaboli | Edge Online

    Exciting news for GameTap this morning as they merge with one of France’s leading online game and digital entertainment platforms: GameTap Merges with Metaboli | Edge Online Turner Broadcasting’s U.S.-based games-on-demand service GameTap has merged with European counterpart Metaboli in an effort to create a “global gaming brand,” the companies announced Wednesdsay.

  • Grimm – Episode 2 – Red Riding Hood

    Episode 2 is OUT NOW and available for free during the first 24 hours! Go check it out on GameTap. This week: Red Riding Hood

  • Grimm Episode 1 – Goes Live

    Grimm Episode 1 has launched on GameTap! For me and the team here at Spicy Horse this is a momentous occasion. Everything we’ve worked for and built since starting the studio has gone into the Grimm project – and Episode 1 is the first of many offerings to an audience we hope will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it.

  • GameTap Adds THQ Titles

    I read on Video Game News this morning that GameTap has added a ton of cool new titles to their service – these coming from THQ.