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  • News Flash: Things Cost Money

    “Kickstarter is done!” “Consoles are dead!” “Get the pitchforks and burn Microsoft!” “She’s a witch!” “Early Access is a scam!” “Publishers are evil!” “F2P is evil!” “Game developer are the devil!” “Moar COD!” “Sequels! Kill them with fire!” On and on and on… these chants of rage make it so no one can do right. Any attempt at honesty or innovation is met with derision and contempt. Even the slightest mistake must be answered by public lynching or Hara-Kiri.

  • Terror Texts The Musical

    I remember years ago hearing Marilyn Manson talk about creating a “dark bible”, one that focused on the more horrific elements of the bible: Children being eaten by bears, rape, murder, and “fool” flingers being doomed to an eternity in hell. Now I read that the students at Iowa College have gone and made real […]