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  • Game site Stimulus.com is running a lengthy interview with yours truly where I answer questions about Grimm, how to turn fairy tales into video games, making weekly episodic content, and the future. Click on through to read more!

  • Grimm Episode 10 “The Singing Bone”

    Another week, another Grimm episode released. This week it’s Episode 10 – “The Singing Bone”. As usual, you can check out this grim and fun romp through another famous fairy tale for FREE on GameTap at www.gametap.com/grimm

  • Grimm Episode 9 Review

    David Craddock over at Big Download has already posted a review of the latest Grimm episode “Master Thief” who says, “If The Master Thief is an example of what players can expect from the new season of American McGee’s Grimm, then this is a series that should be enjoyed by both the casual and hardcore…

  • Master Thief – FREE for Halloween

    The Halloween episode of Grimm is FREE during the holiday weekend!

  • Grimm’s Back! (Almost)

    Everything that made Grimm fun has returned, and everything that didn’t appears to have been trimmed away. As someone who often deliberated between yay and nay when it came to Grimm’s first season, I can say with confidence that The Master Thief provides a promising glimpse of what awaits us when Season Two begins later…

  • Episode 8 – Beauty and the Beast

    Episode 8 of Grimm is released – this time “Beauty and the Beast”! The biggest and coolest episode of Grimm to date. Click on through to read more!