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  • First Grimm Episode Trailer

    A trailer and a review for Episode 1 of Grimm both available today! The trailer looks cool and the review is extremely positive. Read more…

  • GameTap Adds THQ Titles

    I read on Video Game News this morning that GameTap has added a ton of cool new titles to their service – these coming from THQ.

  • Grimm Sites Go Live

    Two awesome websites go live today: The Official GameTap “American McGee’s Grimm” site, and the Spicy Horse Games’ “Grimm” site.

  • Kotaku: Grimm’s “Clever, fun, twisted”

    Kotaku says: Grimm has a great, simple graphical style but don’t let that make you think it’s a game for kids. This is a very twisted world and the game will have an M rating. The humor is quite black and may have some players scratching their heads but those of you with a sick…

  • Interesting Take on Digital Download

    In this thought-provoking opinion piece, industry commentator Matt Matthews suggests that artificial scarcity of digital games – only making them available for limited times – could be a way to get the public excited about games. Check it out here.

  • Exclusive Grimm Trailer/Intro at IGN

    The Meat Box! IGN is hosting a bunch of cool new Grimm content: videos, images, and screenshots! In the videos you can see the latest Grimm trailer and the intro cinematic that starts each new episode. The intro cinematic has a great little song to go along with it, sung by Grimm himself. And the…