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1up has 1st Grimm Preview

1up Grimm Content

Grimm on the 1up frontpage

Friday the 13th is an appropriate day for the 1st-ever preview of “Grimm” to be released. Head over to 1up.com to read the preview, check out new screenshots, and best of all – see game play videos! The preview takes a look at an episode based on “The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn what Fear Was”, otherwise known as “BoyFear” (to us working on the episode anyway).

Overall the response is positive, with some concern raised about re-playability over the course of 23 episodes. To that concern, our response is: Episodes will evolve and improve over time – and we’re even able to work user comments into future episodes. So, if you see something you don’t like or want more of – let us know!

In other great news today, the guys over at Destructoid love the Grimm intro song. And apparently in spite of themselves and despite their dislike of all things “American McGee”. Way to go Grimm! Btw, the intro song was written by RJ Berg, and is sung by Roger Jackson (the voice of Grimm), with music supplied by our internal composer, Jason Tai. Just wait will you hear Grimm’s rendition of “Singing in the Rain” under a downpour of blood!

1up article here.
Destructiod here.

Exclusive Grimm Trailer/Intro at IGN

Meat Box

The Meat Box!

IGN is hosting a bunch of cool new Grimm content: videos, images, and screenshots!

In the videos you can see the latest Grimm trailer and the intro cinematic that starts each new episode. The intro cinematic has a great little song to go along with it, sung by Grimm himself. And the new trailer contains some fun in-game footage which highlights some of the darkly humorous blood and gore you can expect in each episode.

Be sure to check out all the cool new content! And expect more big updates in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of Episode 1 on GameTap.

pc.ign.com main page
Grimm videos on IGN
Grimm images on IGN

Grimm Up(chucks) on Console

Grimm Upchuck On PS3

Grimm “on” the PS3

Grimm’s making #3 on the PS3! It’s a sign of affection, trust me. You really don’t want to know how he displays his love towards the 360. Regardless of how he’s expressing his feelings towards either platform, we’re excited to announce that he is in fact playable on both.

I make this announcement on the same day I read on Gamasutra the timely piece “Who’s Afraid of Gamestop?” in which Brandon Sheffield opines:

Shamefully, almost everyone in the industry seems to be afraid of retail. I spoke with a number of people at the DICE Summit a while back, and while some agreed that digital downloads are making headway, nobody sees it replacing retail.

This at the same time that download episodic game content like Penny Arcade Adventures is cleaning up on XBLA. If you ask me, we’re entering the Age of Episodic.

Seems it’s high time we find Grimm a strong publishing partner for digital distribution to consoles. If you’re a publisher tired of being tied to retail and looking to take a dip in the episodic hot tub, then drop me a line.

I promise to make Grimm keep his affections to himself.